Best Garbage Disposal 2019 Reviews Buying Guide

Best Garbage DisposalLooking for the best garbage disposal?

OK, I get it: garbage disposal is hardly the most exciting topic. But plenty of people get satisfaction from throwing away garbage and doing work that needs to be done. Check out this volunteering story for example. So lets get into it.

We have crafted this list of top ten best garbage disposals to help you pick the right one for your home and kitchen. We have researched hours to find the best models for you.

But that’s not all…

The market is saturated with the number of brands and models it might be confusing for you to pick the right grinding machine at the budget price. That’s why we prepared this list top great garbage disposals so that you can make an informed decision.

Read these garbage disposal reviews to know more about each garbage disposer.

Best Garbage Disposal 2019 Comparison

InSinkErator Evolution
Editor's Choice
10/10 5/5 Check Price
Waste King Legend L-3300
10/10 5/5 Check Price
Waste King Legend Series L-111
9/10 5/5 Check Price
KitchenAid Superba
8.5/10 4.4/5 Check Price
InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control
9/10 4.5/5 Check Price
InSinkErator O1100XL
9.5/10 4/5 Check Price

1) InSinkErator Evolution Compact Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal – Best Value

The best-seller garbage disposal is none other than the InSinkErator Evolution Compact Continuous Feed. This unit delivers 3/4-horsepower and features a 34.6-ounce grind chamber and contains stainless-steel grind components. It’s has a perfect size to handle food waste for a large family. This continuous-feed disposal is capable to handle a constant stream of food.

The InSinkErator Evolution Compact is good with its ability to cut through tough vegetable scraps, the fitness of grind and speed. Few reviewers gave remarks about its noise, but it’s not that noisy or too loud as it uses anti-vibration tailpipe. Several consumers said that it’s installation doesn’t require a professional and gives plenty of power for all kinds of food waste.

Few consumers said that the rubber baffle means their sink drains too slowly and few said they have issues with its leaks. But things are getting failed as this garbage disposal comes with a four-year warranty so you will get it replaced if it causes an issue.


Overall, InSinkErator Evolution Compact Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal is best for the money and an ideal garbage disposal which offers great features makes it worthwhile for the amount spent.


    • Large Capacity Grinding Chamber
  • Compact Design


  • The price tag is expensive
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2) Waste King Legend L-3300 Continuous Feed Disposer – Best-Selling Garbage Disposal

The Waste King Legend L-3300 is popular garbage disposal which is easy to install and comes with a sturdy build. The Legend L-3300 is 3/4-horsepower unit and features stainless-steel grinders which can last longer, as it’s a continuous-feed model, allows users to be used for adding food waste, convenient for most families.

The Waste King Legend L-3300 includes a removable splash guard, front-mounted reset button, and sound insulation which reduce noise during when it operates. Many consumers said that noise is typical for garbage disposal, few said about a loud click while it’s turned on.

It features the highest motor power, that blades blow through lots of food waste without jamming. With it’s EZ mount system that comes with the necessary hardware it’s easy to install this garbage disposal. It comes with a 10-year lengthy manufacturer’s in-home mechanical warranty which means the remains are done in your home, also their lifetime warranty protecting against corrosion.



    • Less noise while in operation
  • Affordable price


  • No cons for this price
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3) Waste King Legend Series L-111 Continuous Feed Disposal – Best Budget Garbage Disposal

A buyer with a small budget and small house need a smaller garbage disposal. This is where Waste King Legend Series L-111 Continuous Feed Disposal comes into play. This nice disposal is quiet and powerful. The Legend Series L-111 Continuous Feed model is a 1/3-horsepower unit comes with stainless steel grinder and 1900 rpm motor which is a perfect fit for smaller kitchens or apartments where big dinners are not cooked.

The Waste King Legend Series L-111 Disposal is equipped with sound-reducing insulation like the bigger and larger Waste King models, a front-mounted reset button, corrosion-proof grinding chamber, and a removable splash guard.

Many reviewers say that it’s very easy to install and no need or pro to install it. Many people say that the upside to getting less-powerful disposal offers a quieter motor which means they do not have to more actively push extra food waste into the disposal.


Overall Waste King Legend Series L-111 Continuous Feed Disposal is a best budget garbage disposal and comes with a two-year in-home repair warranty making it a worthy unit for the bucks spent.


    • Easy to install
  • Compact design


  • Bit noisy while in operation
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4) KitchenAid Superba Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal – Best High-end and expensive model

The KitchenAid Superba is top-of-the-line garbage disposal which delivers the best performance. This high-end kitchen disposal is ultra-quiet and packs a 3/4-horsepower, a motor of 1,725 and a grinding chamber of 40-ounce which can handle a large quantity of food waste for large families. The KitchenAid Superba Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal can be used constantly without worrying about the burnt out motors.

The KitchenAid Superba is labeled as a top for the fineness of grind and offers amazing speed, quiet and ability to handle vegetable scrapes. It features a two-stage grinding, manual reset, and overload protection.

The inclusion of SoundSeal technology makes it 40 percent quieter compared with standard garbage disposal. Many reviewers say it a step up from most other models for the noise. It also can be used in open kitchen without disturbing anyone which makes it an important reason for its popularity. It’s good for wide-open floor plans.


Overall this top-end garbage disposal is an expensive garbage disposal but it’s worth due to the handful of features it comes with


    • Easy to install
    • Quick cleanup
  • Quit working


  • Expensive
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5) InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control – Best Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

This batch-feed garbage disposal with a stopper will be a good choice for your home if you are curious little fingers around the house. Many consumers labeled it as a best batch-feed disposal as it offers 3/4-HP motor and a 40-ounce stainless steel grind chamber. This garbage disposal will come only when you insert the magnetic stripper so there is no need wall switch.

This is a fast garbage disposal and gets top marks by experts for its speed and perfect for fineness, ability to shred vegetable scraps and less noisy. The InSinkErator Evolution features a two-stage grinding and SoundSeal technology which causes less noise and this is the reason many reviewers say it’s the quiet model of garbage disposal compared with other models of the market.

Some reviewers complain that its stopper is flimsy and doesn’t always kick on the disposal. It’s easy to install due to Quick Lock sink mount. It doesn’t require any power cord and backed up with a seven-year in-home warranty.


Overall, InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Batch Feed model is a top nice garbage disposal and affordable for many people.


    • 2 Grinding stages does efficient grinding
    • Quick cleanup
  • 7-Years warranty


  • Few people reported about noise
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6) InSinkErator O1100XL Food Waste Disposal – Best for Large Amounts of Waste

Are you looking for garbage disposal which can stand up to a large and constant stream of food waste? Got a whole lot of mouths to feed? InSinkErator O1100XL Food Waste Disposal is worth the investment in comparison with smaller, less powerful garbage disposals. It has a 1,725 rpm motor with 1.1-HP and a 40-ounce stainless steel grind chamber which is capable enough to handle large amounts of food waste at one time. Labeled as top high-end garbage disposal by experts and popular for less noise and handling of vegetable scraps.

The InSinkErator O1100XL has three-stage MultiGrind technology which allows it to break down the large chunks of food which is not possible with the cheaper garbage disposals. It also features an auto-reverse and jam sensor which clear out food that has been stuck. It doesn’t make noise due to the SoundSeal technology and reduces vibration voice with Quiet Collar Sink Baffle cuts.

The InSinkErator O1100XL is easy to install but you need to purchase the power cord separately. If anything wrong happens you don’t need to worry as it offers a 12-year lengthy warranty which allows you to earn the trust of a manufacturer that this product won’t get fail in its operations due to its long life warranty.


Overall, the InSinkErator O1100XL is an expensive garbage disposal available for home use and features great inclusions onboard which makes it the recommended top-end model for large families.


    • Food Disposer and Water Dispenser
    • Auto Reverse
  • 12-Years Longest warranty


  • No cons
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Common Garbage Disposal Features

You have plenty of different models of garbage disposals to choose from, it might be confusing to pick the best which suits your needs, especially when you start looking at multiple features of each model. If you have proper information about the best garbage disposal then you can easily pick the best after reading the garbage disposal reviews. If you are be

Auto Reverse Function

If garbage disposal can spin its blades in reverse, it will be easy for the garbage disposal to clear any kind of waste which might become jammed from the inside of the unit, which is a common problem of most garbage disposals. So disposer models boast a blade oscillating feature which assists with clearing.

Electric Cord

A garbage disposal can be used in conjunction with an electrical outlet if it features an electric cord. If it doesn’t then it will be hard-wired, which costs extra money.

Quick Neck Mount

Most modern DIY garbage disposals feature quick mount necks. Similarly, 1 HP garbage disposal will weight on average about 15 to 30 pounds which makes the installation a quick two-person job.

Horsepower ratings

Even basic garbage disposals which have 1/2 HP motor are capable enough to handle the bones and soft waste. However, if there are bones in your waste, cores and harder vegetables, like avocados or carrots, then you need to find garbage disposal with a 1 HP (or higher) motor. A nice and powerful motor will faster grind the hard waste finer which automatically reduces your chances of developing clogged pipes.

Stainless Steel Grinding Chambers

The hottest features in modern garbage disposal are stainless steel grinding chambers which increases the durability and lifespan of the garbage deposal.


Mostly the warranty that mostly is given with garbage disposal is of one year. While it’s uncommon to see extended warranties up to ten years by manufacturers. So the logical thing is if garbage holds a longer warranty that means it’s lifespan is good and the manufacturer is more confident about the product. Don’t just count this factor does your side of work before you buy any best garbage disposal.

Continuous Feed VS Batch Feed

Continuous feed models are the ones which take all the garbage all at once for disposing of it, the safest way is to get a batch-feed model which always had been a better choice for many users.

Grind Stages

A grinder or disposer with more grind stages will be capable of disposer the waste finer while thrown in the sewage system or septic tank it will pass easily. It totally depends on what type of waste you are trying to get rid of.


For many people noise is the most basic problem, you might not want to get those ambiguous sounds while it’s crushing the garbage, so keep close eyes on the insulation of the garbage disposal while buying top garbage disposal.

Other options to consider

The most important factors which should be considered include price, size and the types of waste you want to get rid of. So about these details, you can go through each garbage disposal review to get the best insight about each garbage disposer and its capabilities.

Best Garbage Disposal Brands & Models

In the United States then there are a number of great manufacturers of garbage disposal on the market which offers top highest models like InSinkErator offers eight best models, Whirlpool and Wasteking are also the common brands in the U.S offering ideal garbage disposals. For consumers, there is a wide range of models to choose from which differ from inexpensive to expensive, affordable and equipped with the latest technologies. Given below are the well-known top brands of US.

Waste King

This US-based manufacturer produces Waste King garbage disposals which are praised by the audience by their energy efficient design. This garbage disposal brand offers a wide range of disposers for both commercial and residential settings. At the beginning of the previous decade, Waste King refocused their sights on providing unparalleled service to a customer and quality products, and the warranties which are the standards of a current industry


This well-known brand is popular for their manufacturing and design of waste disposal systems as well as instant hot water dispensers. John Hammers founded the company in 1972 in Racine located in Wisconsin where they do have headquarters until today. They are credited the first one of designing and producing “in the sink” waste disposal system and the InSinkErator is a play of the word “incinerator” so right now InSinkErator makes and markets garbage disposal system under the evolution and badger series brand names.


The most famous KitchenAid is known due to their high-quality mixers, KitchenAid garbage disposals have proved themselves is the best for professional and consumers. KitchenAid was founded in 1919, an only brand which was producing the items only for the kitchen. Both continuous feed and batch feed garbage disposals are offered by KitchenAid for residential and commercial settings.


Whirlpool is located in Benton Harbor, Michigan America. This Corporation is an international manufacturer and home appliances marketer. They do marketing of different brands like Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, and Amana. They offer entry-level affordable in sink disposals for homeowners who just want to install a garbage disposal in their home.

GE (General Electric)

GE or General Electric is another international conglomerate located in New York City. This company is operated in multiple segments from home appliances to transportation. They are the sixth largest company according to gross revenue in the US. Their produced garbage disposals are praised all over due to their powerful motors and durability of disposals.

Disposal Grinding Horsepower

Before you get your hands on new garbage disposal, before buying a specific model from the limited choices do consider grinding horsepower of the specific garbage disposal to make your purchasing worthwhile. Below mentioned are details about disposal grinding horsepower.

Typically there are four primary garbage disposal models available in the market.

1/3rd Horsepower

Garbage disposal with 1/3rd horsepower is lower end disposal which is limited to use for soft foods and vegetables. They get jammed frequently, which cause frustration for the user. They are good for 1-2 people household. They do save few bucks but won’t be beneficial if it results in frustration.

1/2 Horsepower

This is somewhat powerful than the 1/3HP and limited to use for maximum 2-3 people where usage in the kitchen is low. Try to find stainless steel grinding components which will definitely ensure the long life of disposer.

3/4th HP

A house with 4-5 people needs this garbage disposal model with 3/4HP. You might see this model common in this modern era. These models feature most sound damping features which reduce the level of noise disposal makes when compared with it’s lower power units. Always go for stainless steel grinding components while buying the best garbage disposal.

1 HP

This model is good for a large family which generates a large amount of waste in the kitchen, It’s hard enough to handle bones and tough waste without being jammed like other models. So for this type of garbage you need to install a 1HP garbage disposal in your home.

The recommended way is to spend money on the highest power model to get the best results but only if you can afford it. If short on budget and family is small go with lower tier models but you should expect poorly ground waste to clog your pipes more frequently compared with higher-end models.

Garbage Disposal Switches & Connections

The latest garbage disposals are designed in a way to dovetail with a sink’s drain outlet and the two connecting ends will connect simply. Also, you have options to get a number of adapters and kits available for connections. You might see a cord with many models which allow you to simply plug the model into a nearby outlet to power the unit while the outlet is not available therefore the unit should be hardwired and it’s going to be expensive keep in mind.

You will see a switch with a continuous feed model which is generally mounted on the wall nearby. Sometimes, an air pressure switch will be mounted on the countertop. The safest is the air pressure switches then traditional flip switches as they guard against shocks by simply isolating the electrical system far away from the sink’s source of water. On the other hand batch, feed garbage disposals don’t require any installation or don’t use a switch. Safety codes in your community will let you know how far the electrical switch should be located from the sink.

Quiet Garbage Disposal

It’s common sense that the heavier and bigger a model is the more quietly that garbage disposal will work, so long as it fits exactly underneath your sink. Even though from the last 10 years many changes have been seen in the sound damping technology in the design of garbage disposal. It might be unrealistic to expect that your garbage disposal will operate noise-free. Some disposals will be noisier under specific sinks due to the amount of vibration they generate. So you should always look for garbage disposal which features nylon, insulated grinding chamber which is in WasteKing.

Garbage Disposal Warranty

While buying the best garbage disposal for your home the most important thing which requires your attention is the manufacturer’s warranty for garbage disposal. A top-rated food disposal system might last between 10 and 15 years on average, only if you take particular care to make sure it doesn’t become clogged with the waste.

The minimum warranty for the garbage disposal from the manufacturer starts from one year and goes upward. The WasteKing offers the best warranty of their models in the market of garbage disposals. Either your garbage disposal is failed due to material defect or mechanical effort while you have the warranty time left, simple WasteKing is ready to replace the unit without charging anything. On the other hand, InSinkErator offers a breathtaking warranty of 7 years of parts and labor for their evolution series of garbage disposals.

Generally, you can guess from the longest warranty by the manufacturer will ensure about the good life of garbage disposal but again just don’t overlook the warranty only do make sure about other things while purchasing the best garbage disposal.

For More Check Apental


Is my plumbing capable of handling the task?

Check if your plumbing clogs or backs up frequently, then it’s not recommended to install a new garbage disposer. The additional waste generated by the garbage disposable will increase the chances of one or both happening. So, before installing a waste disposer, get your problem identified and fixed.

Does my community allow garbage disposals?

If you have municipal water and sewerage system, then you need to contact your community sewer provider to know about the policies regarding garbage disposals. Because there is always a need for a permit in a few cities and towns to be allowed to install a new food disposal system. Many people have outright outlawed the use of disposals with limited sewer and water capacity. Like an increasing number of towns and cities in California are not authorized to install new garbage disposers in their homes due to the ongoing drought the state is suffering from.

Can my septic tank handle the load?

If you have installed a septic tank in your home, then you should contact your municipality in which you live to upgrade your septic tank system so that you can install a new garbage disposal. You can get more information about this from the local inspector of your town. You must make sure to empty your septic tank more often.

Is installing garbage disposal worth the additional water expense?

An average faucet throws 2.5 gallons of water per minute or about 900 gallons in a year depending upon the household usage in the U.S. So your water usage in the home and water bill totally depends on how often you use the garbage disposal.

Why Garbage Disposals Are Awesome

Get your kitchen equipped with the latest kitchen disposal system if you haven’t purchased it yet. These are the few points which will prove about having the best garbage disposal is necessary.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Quiet grinding is what every consumer wants to avoid the noise in while the garbage disposer is in action, that’s what modern food waste disposers are equipped with. The noisy, loud models have gone for now. Even when the garbage is disposal is used, you won’t even feel the noise bothering anyone in your next room.


The modern garbage disposers are much eco-friendly compared with the old models. Doing an investment in the sink food disposer will reduce the amount of trash which you leave on the curb for pickup. So ultimately there will be less trash buried in the local landfill of your town. It’s a national concern to consider landfill space, and that’s the most important reason for recycling.


For those people who cook, then kitchen might probably look like a disaster zone when you are done with meal preparation for your family and finish eating. The cleanup process won’t be an easy job if you can stuff leftover food waste down the drain. Many garbage disposals have a switch available near the kitchen sink. You simply turn the faucet’s cold water on, turn the switch of garbage disposal on and put the remaining leftovers in the drain.


We hope this buying guide to best garbage disposal might have helped you taking the right decision. We only included the top picks in the market to help you pick the perfect garbage disposer. We also looked at important features and price tags of each disposed of so that you can get best value garbage disposer at an affordable price. All our garbage disposal reviews were crafted after hours of research by our experts.

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