InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist Review

InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist ReviewYou are going to do a great favor to the environment if you keep your home with a septic tank. I can understand your annoyance to get rid of waste as like other household have traditional waste systems. As it is the point for another day! As you all know that I am a big fan of garbage disposers units so that’s why I have tried to cover all of the points related to garbage disposers on my website.

According to my experience, I think that who have septic tank in their house they should enjoy the convenience of a garbage disposer, as I found the excellent one at that! That product comes in the form of the InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist, on the other hand that is highly rated for all type of reasons.

Never Worry About the Type of Waste to Grind Again

As most of the people place out of having a garbage disposer with the septic tank because they  think that they can’t have one. And another reason is that my most customers don’t think it’s worth just because of the restrictions. But the unit is totally changed!

You will get in this unit two stage grinding system. It does not only help to reduce the amount of jams but also you can experience with other models, and your waste is grinded to that level that is more than a liquid that make that waste safe to pass through your septic tank.

Let me tell you technically a little that this garbage disposer uses a Tri-Action lug system and even a GrindShear ring. As when they work together they allow you to “liquefy” any type of food items that you can think of!

As it offers with such technology that is also included but only in this manufacturer that is Bio-charge enzyme treatment. This technology no doubt produces millions of micro-organisms that keep enzymes, and it happens at every time when you switch this on. And I cannot even forget that the citrus scent that stops all nasty odors.

One thing that you should keep in your mind, that this clever piece of technology offers in a bulky side. So you must have enough space under your sink.


As the matter of fact that there is no any issue about noise and even I could not find any one who complaint about its noise. I have also read some reports regarding to its noise issue that it is so quiet.


I know that everyone is interested to hear that how to set it up and let me tell you that it is quite easy to install, Luckily, InSinkErator got fame in the manufacturing of garbage disposers and all are easy to install and this unit is no different at all.

In order to replace the old one you just need to twist off you old disposer and twist the new one on-that’s easy! In addition, if you require hosting, you may refer to this seekahost review.


This garbage disposer comes with ¾ horsepower motors and one thing that it does not offer the power cord, so you will have to buy you own one. And it also comes with the 4 years warranty that is in home warranty so you no need to fns some repair shop.


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