InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposer Review

InSinkErator Evolution CompactAll of the time, my family asked me about the latest kitchen appliances. And I am also sometimes asked about the best type of appliances that make your life easier in the kitchen, all among them garbage disposals.

What I want to tell you about in this heading that it is totally noise free unit and even anti-vibration technology features.

The Garbage Disposal Dispute

When I did close eavesdropping, then I realized that it was my best friend and his wife. At that time they were not going to quiet even throwing the hot dog buns during their discussion, after some time I come to know that his wife was not totally happy with her garbage disposal unit that was actually already installed in their new home kitchen.

I also heard their talks that she was saying to him that tell me when will you turn your darn thing on and every time you have to put your crockery down! It is just like keeping the helicopter in the house. So being their good friend I tried to help them.

Then I wondered to see them and after some time I asked that how they were. And after that they just change their expressions into smiley face and said that all were fine. And that was not much time passed before they started to side glances then I again asked what is going on! I was not in the mood which I made after, because my friend’s wife told me immediately that what exactly they were in the thought of their garbage disposer.

To the Rescue

After completing her conversation I told her that I can help you out! After listening this she gave me full attention and asked how? Then I started to tell them about InSinkErator Evolution Compact ¾ HP Garbage Disposer as no doubt that the noise and vibration were actually the main problems with their current unit.

The InSinkErator Evolution Compact comes with the quiet collar sink baffle and also SoundSeal technology. No doubt I can easily elaborate on this little information but I am committed to its selling perspective rather than the design. On the other hand, its overall result is that up to 30% quieter than other average model.

The InSinkErator Evolution Compact also did extra insulation around its motor in order to have an reduce amount of vibration which it produced. I am especially to my specific customers who told me and confirmed that the Evolution Compact vibrates hardly!

As it comes with the feature of quick lock sink mount that is basically means that you will not have to need of the professional services because it is very easy to install.

When I told the 2 stages of grinding system to my friend’s wife, then she gave a sudden positive reaction. And then she add a comment that how her disposer every time jams, but with the usage of Evolution Compact you can get rid of all waste down the sink without any tension.

And as the matter of fact, this gave my friend and his wife a mind blowing solution for their kitchen appliances, and they could also pick that unit at work!


After this amazing talk, if you want have this unit then you can have this on Amazon. Truly saying, I was surprised to see its price with it great features and specifications.

After having a closer look on this unit, if you are still confused about garbage disposer then you must have a look on Waste King L-8000 that is actually a cheaper one and also has slightly more horsepower!