InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Review

InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control 2As no doubt that this provides best more than what you want from garbage disposer, the reason of choosing this heading is that it is basically easy to install and being kitchen appliances t does not effect your ear drum when you switch it on, and it is appeared to be the two most important factors to all customers.

However, the InSinkErator does not only comes with the above two features but also more than you think, come on! Have a closer look on this best garbage disposer.


This model comes with the specification of batch feed and no doubt for many people it is proved to be a preferable unit because of its continuous feed and the added safety which it offers. The thing which makes it different from others that it comes with great technology. And that it comes with Magnetic CoverStart Activation System. And I am pretty sure that you will be showing off to all your fellows or guests that your new garbage disposer has magnetic activation something, but it works in a pretty revolutionary way.

Other models besides this in the market, comes with both features like continuous and bath feed, when you flick their power switch then there motor will start. In order to have safety, you must need to have precautionary measures so you will place the cover over the chamber and also align the magnets (as you will have two on the disposer and two on the chamber). When your magnet will contact with each other then they will start to grind your waste. Literally I love this idea and that’s why it is on the top of the list.


As the matter of fact, my customers told me that they even find themselves hard to let know that their motor is working or not just because it works without noise and does not come with any noise levels! And yes it is a big issue because most of the people consider noise more than others or performance.

That’s why you should know that InSinkErator comes with sound reducing technology which makes its worth in the market up to 60% quieter than others even in this size. As there is a lot of insulation around the motor and also comes with the feature of anti-vibration tailpipe and sink mount. You can also be benefited from a quiet collar sink baffle.


It is easy to install for any one and even for most people it is an absolute breeze, as it comes with the easy to follow instructions and uses a 3 bolt quick lock system. And sometime it will be twist and fit operation.


It does not only come with the ¾ horsepower motor but also your waste have to pass through from 2 grinding stages. It means that it is proved to be best for household that want to get rid of each sort of organic waste.



As InSinkErator are much confident about their products that they will keep with you in a long term but still they offer 7 years in-home warranty and also with the warranty of its parts and labor.

Let me conclude you that this may not be the cheapest unit in the market but make sure that it will provide you all features and specifications which I already mentioned above.

On the other hand if you are not in the mood to have secure batch feed garbage disposer then you must have a closer look on the continuous- feed garbage disposers like Waste King L-8000 and also InSinkErator Pro Essential.