Moen GXP50C ½ Horsepower Garbage Disposal PRO Series

I would like to tell you that you are going through actually the top rated brand unit which got fame in the category of best garbage disposal offering special specifications and features. Now we will be discussed about Moen GXP50C ½ Horsepower Garbage Disposal PRO Series that comes with the motor of ½ horsepower  including grind component through permanent magnet that helps to grind the waste in the short period of time. On the other hand it does not come with the SoundShield technology like other units that help to reduce the noise levels. It runs very efficiently with the help of vortex motor that runs at the rate of 2600RPM, and all in all it offers 3 years warranty!

What it offers

  • SoundShield technology to reduce the noise.
  • Built-in power cord.
  • Provides easy installation, it comes with Xpress mount
  • Powerful grinding action motor that is Vortex Motor.

From now after having this you should not be worried about your kitchen environment that you want to be neat and clean because all will do your garbage disposal to get rid of waste like foods scraps and peels of vegetables. The features and specification it offers are no doubt splendid and marvelous like it offers such powerful motor with permanent magnet that helps to runs this powerful motor at the rate of 2600RPM. When you own this then you do not spend extra money in order t set it up but what you will need to do just follow the “twist and lock” using included three bolts in order to get that assemble up. After getting this, you will come to know that how much it has worth not only just because of its sleek design but also it saves your space under your sink. As the matter of fact, Most of the customers said that while working they did not even heard its sound as it works smoothly and efficiently. But unfortunately, it does not come with the SoundShield technology.

What You Get

  • Flange for sink
  • Power cord that is pre-installed.
  • Drain Stopper which is polished and basically stainless.
  • A Metal Disk that is use to cover drain hole.
  • Itself a Moen Disposal Garbage.

Great Vortex Motor

After buying the top rated best garbage disposal you will come to know that this disposal comes with the great and powerful vortex motor with the permanent magnet that helps out to grind the vegetable peels and food scraps just because to get rid of you from kitchen waste and even in some seconds. It also helps in maintaining the kitchen hygiene and clean. As it works at the rate of 2600RPM, and on the other hand it is designed in such a way that totally focused on beauty and its size that does not cover a lot of space under your sink so that you can have extra amount of space to place other kitchen items like tissue rolls, cleaners, other ones.

Offers built-in Power cord

Moen GXP50C ½ Horsepower Garbage Disposal PRO Series offer pre built in power cord. As you no need to order online or to shop from any seller, as it does not save your time but also keeps your money save. And no doubt the power cord they provide is such of a unique quality that work on the long term!

Quick Installation

Moen GXP50C ½ Horsepower Garbage Disposal PRO Series comes with the universal Xpress Mount that does not let you get in trouble that follows the “twist and lock” phenomenon! You just need to replace old one with this best garbage disposal only using the twist and lock pattern with the help of three bolts to get that assemble up! As it is very lightweight and also save space under your sink.


  • Continuous feed technology.
  • Runs at 2600RPM.
  • ½ horse power.
  • Used galvanized steel material.
  • Offer 3-years warranty.