WASTE KING L-2600 Garbage Disposal Review

Let me make you clear that I am not such a technical expert when we talk about such type of kitchen appliances; in my humble opinion this one is proved to be the best on the market in this moment. The reason of my excitement is that is comes with everything that you want in this unit like this and it is sad but true!

Come on! Have a closer look so you may find out the best or right decision to have this unit of Waste King Garbage disposal.

Eco-Friendly/ High Speed

It runs on the speed of 2600 rpm and comes with the motor of ½ horsepower. This will go to deal with your waste efficiently and quickly and I think that it is quite enough to tell you about this model. On the other hand, it does not matter that your sewage system is properly sized septic tank or mains based, because L-2600 will no doubt literally crushed and liquefy the organic waste that you want to get rid of so that will be easily and safely taken away!

The whole waste produced by your household will sent for recycling instead of ending up in plastic bags, as this plays an important role to promote being eco-friendly so that’s why it is much efficient. And besides this, it does not consume much electricity or much amount of water that will keep your utility bills in a manageable way!


It is no doubt very efficient as it comes with the feature of grinding of your choice that this model does not deal with a complete heap of bones at same time, but you will easily be get rid of a lot of awkward things like different peels, odd few bones and even stringy vegetables. You must keep big bones for you dog to chew on!

Long-Lasting or Durable internal parts

As we know very well that Waste King has got fame just because of its durability and last longer internal parts, and this unit or model also no different from others! With this unit you would not worry about rusting as it comes with such technology. As the matter of fact this is proved to be the great break down in the garbage disposers list. If you do not believe, than you should try by yourself. It offers amazingly 5-years in-home warranty because it does not compromise on quality of the L-2600, and it does not offer only this but also offers life-time warranty on parts as with the passage of time it goes corrode.

If you are still in confusing mind then you must take a closer look with others model or units even also on Amazon? You will have a lot of satisfied customers with its great performance and even also you will find best deals there.

If you think that its ½ horsepower will not satisfy your work load then you must check ¾ horsepower of Waste King L-3300 and also the 1 Horsepower Waste King L-8800. No doubt that they are also great or best garbage disposers that I also rated best in their category.