WASTE KING L-8000TC Bath Feed Disposer Review

It seems to be an old title but according to my customer’s experience who lives with their children. Most of the customers are actually worried in order to install a garbage disposal as they think that during installation they may lose their fingers!

On the other hand, I would like to tell you that this Waste King L-8000TC is proved to be the one of the best models you can have. As I m no expert at all, but to the technical side of how this sort of kitchen appliances works, I am now well aware what actually people are looking for.

Take a closer look in order to know about this garbage disposer.


During writing its review, this model must be on the top of the list. When you decide to use batch feed garbage disposer as compare to continuous feed then you will get less chance to take your some one to the hospital emergency department. Because you have to fill the chamber of garbage disposer and must place a stopper over the top before that will get power on.

The best thing of this is that using this you can set the limit of grinding materials that may reduce the chances of damage because sometimes by mistake you drop a spoon down the disposer that means a lot!


There is no need to worry about that how effectively this will grind out material because it comes with the motor of 1 horsepower that moves on the speed of 2800 rpm. As it comes with batch feed then you will need to take a little long time in order to get rid of all peels while cooking. No doubt this Waste King has made this unit one of the best most powerful units like this type in the market.

Types of Waste

Most of asked question which I mostly listened, will it do grind corn husks? As this unit grind the odd one here and there. And properly deal with the organic waste like potato peels and also with citrus rind. You can even also get rid of small meat bones.


There is a good reason to have this garbage disposer because it is no doubt famous for the warranties as they offer. As the matter of fact you will always be unaware of its internal components and made of such materials that are proved to be resistant to rust. On the other hand, on some particular models of King Waste comes with outstanding 10 years in home warranty. This means that in case of any issue a professional will visit and in case of extra damage they will even replace that with the new one!


You are not only going to send organic waste through your sewerage system but you are saving your energy as its motor only work when it needs.

All In All

As the matter of fact, that it is totally quiet because its parts are made by insulated material that your ears will not hear that when you switch that on! And yes no doubt that you can also attach this motor t your dishwasher that is pretty compact that will save the space under your sink!